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Mind Each Other


No person is an island, to paraphrase the famous quote.  One way of countering the sense of isolation and loneliness that can come from working as a school leader is to join a peer supervision group.  Supported by a group conductor, such groups provide the opportunity to confidentially share experiences and to make sense of them with others who have knowledge and understanding of the challenges that you are facing in your work.

With a doctorate in organisational dynamics and a diploma in the psychodynamics of groups, as well as prior experience in this field, Keven can support a range of peer supervision groups.  Groups are small, with ideally six to eight members meeting at least half-termly.  Peer group supervision has the benefit for individuals of helping them learn from a number of other people and is also the most cost-effective option for schools and individual leaders.

Peer Group Supervision for School Leaders: Activities

How Can Support Peer Group Reflective Supervision

In-School Networks

We can facilitate peer group supervision for colleagues who hold similar roles within your school.  These could include pastoral leaders, safeguarding specialists, newly-appointed staff or early career teachers.

Headteacher Networks

We can provide peer group supervision for headteachers who would welcome reflecting on their work with others.  We can help strengthen existing networks of heads or connect up new groups of headteachers.

Cross-Trust Networks

We can support  peer group supervision for those with distinct roles in different schools (e.g. safeguarding leads).  This approach would suit multi-academy trusts or other collaborative groups of schools.

Introductory Offer

We are looking to recruit school leaders to build peer groups so they are sustainable from the outset.  Contact us if you would like to join a newly formed supervision group for as little as £15 per 90-minute session.

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Peer Group Supervision for School Leaders: Activities


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