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External, independent review and evaluation of provision is a crucial element of school improvement work that we can provide in order to support and sustain school leaders.  As with all elements of our work, team performance review and evaluation begins with consultation and contracting to ensure your requirements are fully understood.  

We then work with team leaders to understand their views on the strengths and weaknesses of their provision before cross-referencing this through observations, document scrutiny, staff and student voice, and relevant datasets.  We provide 'on the day' verbal feedback on our findings before writing up a detailed report with clear next steps to inform action planning.  Ideally, dependent on your needs, our preference is to return for a shorter follow-up review.

Team Performance Review and Evaluation: Activities

Team Performance Review and Evaluation Provided by

Subject Reviews

Evaluating the curriculum, its delivery and its impact.

Thematic Reviews

Evaluating whole school themes (e.g. behaviour).

Safeguarding Reviews

Evaluating child protection and safeguarding processes.

Governance Reviews

Evaluating effectiveness of governing board processes.

Baseline Reviews

Evaluating starting points for new leadership initiatives.

Self-Evaluation Reviews

External scrutiny of self-evaluation documentation.

Follow-up Reviews

Evaluating progress based on previous reviews.

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Team Performance Review and Evaluation: Activities


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