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Building a culture of reflective supervision across a school or schools takes time, expertise, effort and energy.  We can support school and trust leaders in breaking down the task into manageable steps by being directly involved in the process or providing indirect guidance to schools and trusts, or through a bespoke combination of the two.

Consultancy for School/Trust Supervision: Activities

How We Can Help Schools and Trusts Build a Culture of Reflective Supervision

Stakeholder Consultation

Working with leaders and staff to understand your organisation and how supervision might benefit you.

Developing Models

Choosing the most appropriate modalities of supervision to effectively meet the needs of your staff and teams.

Policy Alignment

Deciding how reflective supervision aligns with other key policies and procedures to minimise gaps or overlaps.

Codifying Practice

Drafting a Supervision Policy, Supervision Agreements and Feedback & Evaluation processes to shape culture.

Training Needs

Supporting school leaders, in-school supervisors and staff to enhance their knowledge and understanding.

Managing Practicalities

Identifying how reflective supervision can be optimally organised alongside daily school working practices.

Supervising Supervisors

Providing external supervision for school leaders and in-school supervisors to help 'contain the containers'.

Evaluating Provision

Organising systematic, timely and insightful feedback process to provide effective evaluation of impact.

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Consultancy for School/Trust Supervision: Activities


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