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Reflective Supervision Services for Schools

Reflective Supervision: Welcome

"Super + vision - the ability to see things more clearly.  Supervision provides an opportunity for reflection, and through this, the practitioner gains a greater understanding of themselves and the work they do.  This awareness is key to continued professional growth and development."


Reflective Supervision: Quote

Why Reflective Supervision?

Reflective Supervision is a well-established practice for supporting and sustaining staff and leaders in in other helping professionals.  

Reflective Supervision is holistic in nature, with a focus on personal support (it is restorative), personal-professional development (it is formative), as well as professional expectations (it is normative).

Reflective Supervision is centred on the needs of the client (our staff, students, and other stakeholders) by helping practitioners to enhance their clinical practice for professional effectiveness and thereby strengthen our individual schools and the wider profession.

Reflective Supervision is a form of coaching and mentoring that can be therapeutic (without being therapy) and evaluative (without being appraisal).  It is a relational form of support that never loses sight of the work at hand or the needs of the person doing that work.

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Reflective Supervision for School Leaders

Peer Group Supervision for School Leaders

Consultancy for School/Trust-Wide Supervision

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